The MIT-Ukraine Program is committed to mobilizing MIT’s scientific and technical expertise in support of Ukraine.

MIT from the birdview by Dominick Reuter, 2010.


In response to Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology has launched a comprehensive MIT-Ukraine Program to serve as a hub for MIT’s innovative technological and humanitarian responses. In addition to fighting off the invasion, creative solutions and innovation will be pivotal for Ukraine’s reconstruction and democracy-building for decades to come. MIT is perfectly positioned to mobilize students, faculty, and staff to participate in global efforts to preserve and rebuild Ukraine.


MISTI Internships

MIT-Ukraine internships are aimed at completing hands-on projects for the Ukrainian government, NGOs, and business enterprises, either virtually or in select European countries.

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Scientific Collaboration

MIT-Ukraine is participating in a number of collaborative research and educational initiatives designed to support Ukrainian scholars and the advancement of Ukrainian science.

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Applied Coursework

MIT-Ukraine initiates and coordinates faculty-student projects on critical infrastructure, economic development, housing, logistics, and other relevant topics.

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Ukraine Leadership and Technology Academy (ULTA)

In 2023, MIT-Ukraine supported the launch and continues to support the programming of Ukraine Leadership and Technology Academy, a tuition-free educational program for Ukrainian high school students. ULTA envisions to empower and inspire the next generation of Ukrainian leaders by sharing world-class knowledge from MIT.

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Intro to Ukrainian Language and Culture (21G.S08)

MIT-Ukraine proudly supports the newly established course at MIT, Intro to Ukrainian Language and Culture. Taught by Dr. Iryna Kovalchuk, it surveys a variety of topics in Ukrainian history, national identity, and diverse Ukrainian culture and art by looking at major figures in literature, music, cinematography, and visual arts.

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