Global MIT At-Risk Fellows | Call for Applications

Global MIT At-Risks Fellows Program (GMAF)

Call for Applications


The Global MIT At-Risk Fellows Program (GMAF) has opened the call for applications for the spring 2025 cohort. The Program is designed to enhance the educational and research experiences of university faculty and researchers by introducing them to MIT campus methods and strategies in their areas of specialty.

An MIT faculty committee will select up to five GMAF scholars at the postdoctoral or faculty level. Each fellow who is chosen to participate will spend a semester at MIT in spring 2025 (February-May). Fellows will be paired with an MIT faculty advisor in their field, observe research work and classes taught by their advisor or another MIT faculty member, and work on new materials and teaching approaches for possible adoption in their own classes and labs upon completion of the program. Fellows will also be invited to attend lab meetings and on campus programming that may be of interest to them in their area of specialty and beyond. They will have an opportunity to meet with graduate and undergraduate students and may be able to receive research assistance from an advanced undergraduate or graduate student working in their field.

MIT will cover expenses associated with the GMAF fellowship, including travel, visas, accommodations, instructional materials, and a general living stipend.

Click here for more information, or email if you have any questions. The deadline to apply is August 1, 2024.